Since Roman times, Bath has been known for its healing waters and the famous Thermae Bath Spa, a must-see for visitors and a favourite with locals too. In the heart of the city, the Thermae Spa benefits from Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral rich waters, and is the ultimate experience for those looking to relax and indulge. The very exciting news is that guests in 2017 will be amongst the first to try the Wellness Suite, a NEW state of the art suite of six different sensory experiences. The new Roman and Georgian Steam Rooms take inspiration from two key periods of the city’s history. The steam is infused with botanical and floral aromas to create healing and revitalising environments. The Wellness Suite also includes an Infrared Sauna, showcasing the latest in contemporary sauna design. Lie back on a heated-tiled bed in the Celestial Relaxation Room, which combines lighting, music and fragrance to create the perfect space for relaxing. With menthol scents, the Ice Chamber is an ideal way to re-energise after the heat of the steam rooms and sauna. Ultrasonic vibrations create an invigorating mist and if you’re feeling brave, delve your hand into the flaked ice for a rejuvenating experience. To complete your visit to The Wellness Suite, step into the Chromotherapy showers before heading back into the city. Before you return to Combe Grove, you can bathe in the famous Minerva Bath and take a dip in the roof-top pool, taking in the view of the city and surrounding countryside. What could be better? For more information, visit and for tickets and to book our Thermae Bath Spa Package, visit