We are really excited to introduce you to our newest local supplier – mission juice. This is a new Bath-based company, which is leading the fight against sugary drinks with a range of three cold pressed juices that are 80% vegetable, and 20% fruit. The juices steer clear of corner-cutting purées, pulps or additives, using delicious and wholesome raw ingredients for a refreshment that tastes good & does you good too. The good doesn’t stop there, because with each bottle of juice sold, mission make a contribution to one of three projects directly tackling climate change, world hunger, and cancer. What makes us especially proud about all of this, is that this fantastic new juice company was set up by our very own Tom Tigwell. Tom has worked at Combe Grove for five years, but has also been studying business & seeking out a way to bring about social change with a healthier alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks. He has won support from entrepreneur competitions & industry influencers, and now that his juices have officially launched at Combe Grove we’re predicting big things for Tom. More on mission juices mission juice comes in three delicious variants: the green juice, a vitamin and potassium-rich combination of leafy greens with a twist of lemon and hint of ginger; the red juice, containing nutrient-rich and sweet root vegetables including beetroot and carrot, balanced with crisp apple and refreshing cucumber; and the orange juice, which has a boost of vitamins A and C derived from its ingredients of carrots, red pepper, turmeric and a squeeze of lemon. Come by and try one for £3 at Combe Grove or via their online store at www.missionjuice.co.uk and make sure to sign up for Tom’s mailing list.