Barre fitness: class review

Barre Fitness, a ballet-inspired workout class, is a growing trend in the health world, and we added two classes to our timetable here at Combe Grove in 2016. This month, Amelia went along to check out Mel’s Monday morning session. Read on to find out how she found it… I volunteered to join Barre Fitness with a little trepidation, as ballet was completely new territory for me. But on arrival & introducing myself to class instructor Mel, she reassured me that no prior experience was needed – the class is much more about strengthening movements, rather than learning a routine. Although there are a few plies! We kicked off the class with some warm up exercises, and although I’m sure I didn’t look as elegant as a ballerina, I enjoyed the combination of basic exercises from ballet, fitness and Yoga. If you like doing squats then this is the class for you, it’s great for working the thighs and glutes. Next we lined up along the wall for the Barre Body bit – were the exercises are designed to condition and shape. This was a little more challenging, but still not too hard, and I think suitable for all abilities. The next section of the class, Barre Burn, has to be the most fun, because you get to twirl around – any class with a pirouette in it is alright with me. This was more of an aerobic workout and got our pulses going before the final Barre Bend section. Barre Bend was a little bit like Yoga or Pilates, and made for a nice wind-down. Overall what I loved about the class is that there is so much variety packed into 45 minutes, but even as a first-timer it didn’t feel like too much and I was able to keep up. I’d highly recommend the class for anyone with an interest in Yoga or Pilates, but also if you like Sh’Bam or Zumba and fancy a change give it a go too. Barre Fitness gets a definite thumbs up from me. If you fancy giving Barre Fitness a go, see available classes on our timetable here.