Take your yoga to the next level

We recently launched one-to-one yoga at Combe Grove, and many of you have snapped up the opportunity to take your practice to the next level. Angela Roberts, a regular instructor here, is also now offering personal yoga tuition. We caught up with Angela, to find out why private classes with her might be just what the doctor ordered…  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I have been teaching yoga classes since the 90s in and around Bath, but I first came to yoga as a teenager through an interest in spirituality and meditation. I’m particularly interested in working with the breath and practising pranayama (the formal practice of controlling the breath). When can we find you at Combe Grove? I teach Power Yoga on Mondays at 11.30am, a very active class which can improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Then Hatha Yoga at 10.30am on Tuesday. This one is gentler and great for supporting wellbeing, posture, body alignment and joints. I am very excited to be teaching one-on-one sessions at Combe Grove now too. Who are these sessions for? The beauty of one-to-one sessions is that they are suitable for anybody, at any level, from experienced practitioner to complete beginner. Yoga was traditionally taught on a one-to-one basis so that the yoga could be tailored to the student rather than the student ‘fitting in’ to the system of yoga, so personal sessions are great for developing a practice suitable to your personal lifestyle and needs. What would a one-to-one session involve? We can draw on the tools of asana (postures), breath work, use of voice, relaxation techniques, self-care, concentration, and meditation to find a practice that is right for the individual to support them in their lifestyle. What are the benefits of yoga? The benefits are many, but we can approach them from three main standpoints:

  1. FITNESS – yoga can complement and improve on your existing exercise programme to make you fit & strong
  2. WELLBEING – yoga can help to improve general wellbeing, both physically and emotionally
  3. THERAPY – to help us recover from, or cope with injury, illness, or problems
For more information about Angela take a look at her website here: www.bathyogamassage.co.uk To book a one-to-one yoga session with Angela please get in touch with reception at Combe Grove Club.