Top tips for running the Bath Half

The Vitality Bath Half Marathon is fast approaching on the 12th March and the city is abuzz with anticipation. What we love about this event is that it attracts a range of different abilities. You’ll meet some who have been running it for years, others who have never run before in their lives until they began training, all getting together to raise money for so many worthy causes. We caught up with Personal Trainer and experienced marathon runner Bobby to get some of his top tips for this years’ participants to help them on their training journey. Good luck to all those taking part! Invest in your kit Running is high impact so you need to invest in a good pair of shoes to avoid injury. Get your Gait measured somewhere like the Bath running shop – they put you on the treadmill, work out your running style and help you select the very best shoes. Rain proof clothing is also essential, and I’d highly recommend coconut oil to take care of your skin and avoid chaffing.  You should definitely moisturise your skin really well before the marathon. Put some variety in your exercise diet Running can be tough on your joints, so to look after them it’s a good idea to include some other exercise in your training programme to strengthen and condition. I’d suggest adding deadlifts and squats to get the best results– this really helps to ease wear & tear on your knees, hips and ankles.  I’d highly recommend classes like BODYPUMP and GRIT too, to get your body strong before the event. Recovery time is important Rest gives your body the chance to repair, rebuild and grow, ultimately making you stronger and fitter, so don’t neglect it.  In the last couple of weeks before the Bath Half you want to be doing classes, and definitely no long-distance running – you could get injured and you need to preserve yourself for the main event. Eat well My favourite snacks for running are dried fruits like raisins and apricots, which give you energy from natural sugars. Oranges are also very good for a quick hit and are so refreshing when you’ve been working out. On the day, eat something like porridge or a flapjack before, as the oats release energy slowly and keep you going for longer. Enjoy yourself! It’s important to have an idea of your own pace and you can study the route beforehand, but don’t get too bogged down with over-planning. Enjoy the feeling and the excitement in the crowd. There’s always a great atmosphere for the Bath Half, with live music & samba, so try to relax and have as much fun as you can!